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That will bring up the Options Dialog.  If you do not have access to this dialog but require it, see Fix Admin Permissions.

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  1. Checked by default, AuditTrail will perform limited validation based on Notes About Audit Signatures
  2. Checked by default. After rejecting an audit to a stop several places before the current stop, should AuditTrail 'punt' the Audit back to the rejecting stop or send it back through the chain again?
  3. Checked by default. Some program audits can be split into several partial audits to facilitate simultaneous work by several work centers.  Vertical routing disables this feature.  The alternative is Flex Routing
  4. Checked by default. Some units have requested to be able to turn of comments for individual hits.  
  5. Clicking this toggle button will set a flag in the database that will Bring AuditTrail Down for Maintenance kicking everyone out of the system including admins.
  6. ERT : Estimated Return Time.  This time will be shown in the dialog that is presented to users when the database goes down for maintenance.
  7. Currently logged in users is not always accurate but it should give admins an idea of who is logged in.
  8. Clear List will clear #7