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Want to learn how to get AuditTrail and Courier support for free?  Keep reading!

What is The Bluejacket Software Partnership Program?

Custom software development is expensive and difficult.  The Fleet needs custom solutions that are both updated, and maintained regularly.  Traditionally, custom software development is very slow and often fails because of stakeholder rotation and many other reasons. 

But we have a solution.

NEW: Upon the release of our next product Courier, (sometime around q2 2021) Bluejacket Software will transition from selling Fleet facing software to a completely open-source model.  Bluejacket will, from then on, provide paid support for customers that decide the partner program isn't a good fit, or, as in many cases, customers that want guaranteed support.  Other software vendors have been met with success using this model, and we think we can too.


Project owner:

Team members:

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Problem space

Why are we doing this?

We want to encourage active participation in the ongoing development of Bluejacket Software products.  We also recognize that far too often, good ideas stay just that - only good ideas.  We aim to take those ideas and turn them into solutions but we need fleet input to drive innovation.

Problem statement

Software development is challenging and expensive.  It requires a very large investment in knowledge, skill, and time, often leaving behind the voice of the customer.  We want to turn this problem on it's head.  We know that without stakeholder feedback, product quality will suffer.  However, we also understand that very few active duty members have the time and specialized skill necessary to develop these kinds of solutions on their own.

Impact of this problem

With the advent of AIRSpeed and CPI, many IMPROVEMENTS revolve around accurate data and effective control measures.  Without current, accurate data, what we know today, may turn out to be faulty assumptions tomorrow.  Without effective control measures in place, improvements we make today may slip back into the 'old way of doing business'.  Robust software solutions are answers to both these problems.


What do we already know?

We know that the hardest phase in DMAIC is the Control phase.  Users are comfortable with the normal way of doing business.  When processes change, assumptions have to change with it.  Changing conditions must be surfaced and visualized by stakeholders.  Controlling the improvements so that they're not lost to old habit is hard.  If NALCOMIS has taught us anything, quality software can create repeatable success.

Ready to do it

What are we doing?

As of Version 1.0 of Courier, Fleet facing software will become open source, and freely available.  Bluejacket Software will provide free support for active Partners and paid, annual support agreements for everyone else. 

Q: Is a support agreement required for non partners?  No, our Fleet facing solutions are going to be freely available as open source solutions, but without support.  It's our experience that our low cost annual support more than makes up for it's costs in minimal down time and quick response to help requests. 

Support agreements under the new organization will include (SLA - Service Level Agreement):

4hr response time

72hr resolution time

Phone support

Email support

Unlimited training

Custom development (20 hours/year)

Why will a customer want this?

Simple - no more custom software roadblocks for the Fleet.  All we need is your ideas and feedback, and we'll build and support it!

Partnership Requirements

For units to be eligible for Partnership benefits, any of the following would be considered valid:

  1. Participate in Alpha/Beta testing - simply grab the latest build when requested and follow the provided directions.  Installation and testing procedures will be published along with the build
  2. Develop/maintain documentation - This site is merely a very sophisticated wiki.  Your help in adding and updating articles will be invaluable
  3. Active development - Know how to write software?  Want to learn?  We will show you everything you need to know to be successful.  From building reports to user interfaces, business logic to new features, every bit is welcomed and encouraged.  Don't worry about code quality, we'll take care of that.  Courier will be highly extensible and fully documented.
  4. Submit feature requests - Got an idea how to make [AuditTrail](AuditTrail )or Courier even better but don't have the time or skill to code?  Simply sending an email with suggestions is all it will take. 
  5. New project ideas and sponsorship.  Got an idea for a new solution?  Perhaps an AIRSpeed project needing data collection or process Control?  By sponsoring a project, your command will be able to freely claim the developed solution as part of your CPI projects and be featured in the About and Documentation pages.
  6. Promote any Fleet facing product (Courier or AuditTrail) to any other unit - current customer or former.  (Each referral is good for 6 months of Partnership benefits.)

How to Enroll in the Partner Program

To enroll in the Bluejacket Partner Program, send an email to and we'll send you a short enrollment form.  Your feedback is much appreciated!

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