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What is Courier and how does it fit with the overall Bluejacket Software strategy?

We're taking document routing from only audits (AuditTrail) to ALL unclassified correspondence!

And the best part: Courier will be open source and free to use. 

Bluejacket Software will serve as a paid support channel providing Service Level Agreements (4 hr. support), continual development, and product coordination.  

In exchange for helping in the improvement and deployment of Fleet facing solutions (AuditTrail/Courier), Partners will receive full product support, free of charge, for as long as they continue to help.  See Partnership Requirements for details.


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Problem space

Why are we doing this?

Timely feedback from the fleet will enable development of stable, well tested, highly useful and reliable software solutions.  We know from experience that direct input from users is the only reliable way to ensure quality solutions are made available to Fleet users.  We strongly encourage anyone to contribute anything from code to test results and in return, Bluejacket Software will offer free support for as long as Partners continue to provide such effort. (See Partnership Requirements for details.)  It's not hard to do, it won't take long, any and all feedback is welcome and highly encouraged.

Paper correspondence has the same problems paper audits had.  It's time to change that.

Problem statement

AuditTrail is a long standing solution to routing audits electronically.  It grew out of a need expressed by the QA Secretary and the QAO at FRC Northwest way back in 2006. Since then, I've retired from active duty but still maintain and update AuditTrail as needed.

The new project: Courier will take the best parts of the electronic routing and broaden the scope to any non-classified correspondence.  

The best way to produce a quality product is to get quick feedback from end users.  The Bluejacket Partner Program provides free support of any of our products in exchange for simple feedback from stakeholders.  AuditTrail was born with the direct, regular input from QA, Courier needs the same attention but at a broader scale.

Impact of this problem

Courier will reduce, and in some cases eliminate lost correspondence of all kinds.  A library of user and developer supplied templates will be available that will cover most standard documents, making routing a very simple process.  Without the rework involved in looking for folders and re-routing lost packages, units of any size can realize a vast benefit in efficiency (and in AIRSpeed terms, much gain in Type I and Type II savings) immediately.

How do we judge success?

Courier Version 21.04.01 (the initial release currently on track to ship FY 2021) will ship with a basic set of templates and a complete routing engine.  As users create new templates and add them to the library, they will be made available in the form of library downloads from this site.  Success of this and other projects will be determined by 100% passing unit tests, 'VersionNext' feature completion, and all defects eliminated.

Courier is expected to ship Version 21.04.01 in Q2 of 2021 (subject to change without notice)

What are possible solutions?

Electronic routing, especially offline (no internet required) is an unfilled need in any warfighting unit.  Several attempts have been made to solve this problem but either require an internet connection that isn't always available, or fail to meet user adoption because of complicated user interfaces.  AuditTrail has solved this problem for audits, Courier will take it to the next level.


What do we already know?

AuditTrail has steadily grown in popularity with zero marketing from the development team.  AuditTrail's pervasiveness is entirely a result of building a solution to a problem that is reliable, easy to use, and easy to maintain.  With lessons learned, the next product, Courier, will be even better.

Ready to make it

What are we doing?

We're building Courier, the next generation in document routing.  What AuditTrail did for audits, Courier will do, not only for audits, but for all electronic correspondence. 

AuditTrail will continue to serve the fleet until Courier is at feature parity and has been thoroughly tested and validated by fleet Partners.  When Courier 1.0 ships, AuditTrail will be sunsetted but support will continue for those units that have existing support agreements.

Why will a customer want this?

Simple - no more lost correspondence.  Just as AuditTrail lets users know at a glance where an audit is, how long it's been in route, and who's sitting on it, Courier will provide the same insight, saving time and re-routing costs.  With standardized document templates, creating properly staffed correspondence will be faster and easer than ever before.

Visualize the solution

Feedback and ideas from the fleet are always welcome and earn participating units free installation and support for the duration of their participation.  See Participation Requirements for details.

Scale and scope

Courier will ship in two forms: An MS Access solution - very similar to AuditTrail - as a stand-alone solution, AND, as a much requested feature, an online version.  Many units have asked for an online version of AuditTrail because they either always have an internet connection, or they like the idea of sharing data outside their immediate commands.  The online version will allow data from outside sources to be included, such as AMMT data after audits.  Wing auditors can instantly push hits to the audited command as well and get instant feedback on remediation efforts.

Courier and Courier-Online will allow seamless transition to either solution with a simple to follow, step by step wizard.  Need to go on det and won't have internet access?  Need to offline your data before extended EMCON conditions?  No problem.

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