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Here's the change log:

-Fixed Update Query Corrupt errors

Released *10.1.19*
-Fixed double increment stop while signing audit

Released *10/1/19*
-Fixed prompt for parameter on startup
-Fixed missing file error on Install and Upgrade
-Removed broken Help links
-Changed all references to Bluejacket Software
-Opened all reports as preview except print after final signature
-Enabled vertical scroll bars on discrepancy block

Version 19.04.5
Released **
-Removed ini extension from settings file to accommodate USS Reagan
-Fixed missing reference to MSCOMCONTROL.OCX
-Enabled F11
-Fixed rejecting audit invalid use of null exception

Version 19.04.4
Released *5/7/19*
-Fixed major bug that prevented signing off audits
-Fixed client not finding data tables if relink was set to no in settings file

Version 19.04.3
Released *5/7/19*
-Updated upgrade macro to handle errors

Version 19.04.2
Released *5/6/19*
-Lightened up background colors
-Fixed slow shutdown

Version 19.04.1
Released *5/6/19*
-Fixed installer

Version 19.04
Released *5/5/19*
-Added multiple attachments to audits
-Added ability to grade audits
-Added audit scheduling
-Added streamlined installer script
-Added help links to many forms
-Fixed formatting issues on forms
-Fixed ribbons not showing up in archives
-Fixed reports not working correctly since office2016
-Updated treeview with icons
-Changed splash screen

Version 10.2.3
Released *5/12/18*
-Fixed issue with new installs not adding administrator
-Fixed issue with failing to link new tables during install
-Fixed issue with creating desktop shortcut if not installing
-Removed confusing neardue/overdue indicators based on calendar - now only indicates if not past qa-fp stop
-Fixed missing ribbon on open Archive screen

Version 10.2.2
Released *11/18/16*
-Fixed type mismatch error
-Implemented more robust SiteID validation

Version 10.2.1
Released *11/17/16*
-Fixed registration validation error

Version 10.2
Released *11/4/16*
-Developed to be able to run in 64 bit environments
-Fixed disappearing site Id's
-Fixed routing matrix repair dialog
-Added trend analysis report
-Fixed double relink
-Changed printed audit and open audit screens to show Assisting QAR and Auditee for CDI monitor audits
-Fixed crash report to ensure current ACN is included
-Added phone number dialog to crash reports for faster response times
-Fixed some misspellings
-Added permissions error if unable to write to sesssion file
-Fixed enforce signature security flaw
-Fixed developer security flaw
-Added WC to CDI periodic audits
-Fixed registraton expiration warning flaw
-Adjusted color bars for higher resolution monitors
-Fixed the About dialog

VERSION 10.1.13
-Fixed DFM to close database except for admins
-Fixed CDI Periodical, Hydraulic Periodical, and Plane Captain Periodical combining if audited on same day.

Version 10.1.12
Released *7/25/2016*
-Fixed registration code issue

Version 10.1.11
Released *7/11/2016*
-Hard coded local install to AppData
-Fixed title in several locations

Version 10.1.10
Released *6/7/2016*

-Fixed creating desktop icon on startup
-Fixed invalid routing matrix creation
-Another attempt at fixing the ribbons
-Refactored backend upgrades
-Added non working days table to slow the 10 day counter

Version 10.1.9
Released *2/3/16*
-Reduced purge from 36 months to 24 months
-Reworked install routine to fix error 5 due to new NMCI constraints

Version 10.1.8
Released *11/12/15*
-Added option to enable/disable hit comments

Version 10.1.7
Released *3/7/15*
-Added crash handler for session file
-Modified crash report for better detail
-Modified cnum comments find record to not crash if no record found
-Made sorting by workcenter more robust
-Made closing database ignore manager form closed
-Caught error when audit has no date and set it to zero
-Added more robust error handler

Version 10.1.6
Released *8/5/14*
-Feature: added det data import
-Fixed stand alone mode error
-Fixed edit audit locked question type
-Set default behavior for program audits to flex routing
-Enabled ACN visible on cover sheet when printed
-Fixed regression where audit title no longer appears in automated email notifications
-Fixed critical modify matrix bug preventing changes from saving
-Fixed bug that was not showing hit comments unless audit was reopened

Version 10.1.5
Released *6/17/14*
-Fixed bug where if stall=0 audits wouldn't show

Version 10.1.4
Released *6/12/14*
-Added option to toggle inbox color to improve performance
-Fixed regression where Question# was not editable
-Optimized front data query to increase performance
-Moved be compact function to options instead of shutdown
-Added indexes to be for better performance
-Fixed changelog on update
-Changed purge to 3 years vice 2

Version 10.1.3
Released *6/9/14*
-Added red flag during shutdown if compacting backend
-Added bug report to ELookup for better diagnostics
-Replaced unrecoverable error with proper bug report
-Modified pie chart on Hit count by Area report to include only top 7 areas (declutter)
-Removed empty questions from 365 day most common hit report
-Converted all toolbars and menus to ribbons increasing performance and usability
-Added lost audits to inboxes for greater visibility
-Changed the Enable Content dialog to give better direction
-Added current user and locale to crash report to facilitate case management
-Fixed a bug that caused install to fail if attempted during initial configuration
-Fixed a bug that caused inboxes to appear empty if parenthesis was used in box name
-Added be compact date/time to crash reports to increase context
-Replaced slow domain lookup with faster elookup function to increase performance
-Removed shortcut menu from all forms that don't require it
-Removed location and colon prefix on inbox discrepancy field
-Reworked ACN generator so it will produce shorter and more manageable acn's
-Fixed aging to reflect 10 day routing vice age in current inbox
-Added automatic backend compacting when last user logs out
-Fixed bug on inboxes screen where clicking an inbox after selecting QA Follow Through or Archives didn't work
-Fixed bug where changing CDO didn't reflect on edit form unless audit was re-opened
-Extensively reworked edit screen to allow for comments and more functionality
-Modified header buttons on inbox to allow for reverse sort
-Fixed crash if invalid acn entered for edit audit dialog
-Changed workflow for edit audits -> returns to open audit instead of inboxes
-Converted ribbon to more useful form
-Fixed email address on about screen
-Added option to purge old data
-Properly incremented version number
-Implemented registration functions
-Fixed bug causing no error description to be displayed upon crash
-Changed unrecoverable error message to allow for more detail

Version 10
Released *12/3/13*
Rebased for 2k10
-Fixed multiple email support addresses
-Fixed desktop shortcut creation code (trucating characters)

Version 7.0.1 - Alpha
Released *6/3/13*
-Reformated the date picker to use a subform as M$ removed the calendar control in A2k10

Version 7
Release date *8/21/12*
-Rebased to vn7 to fix confusion with Access version
-Fixed issue with TreeView control being broken after MS security patch

Version 3.5.1
-Reordered install routine to streamline questions
-Fixed truncation problem with .accdb extension during ini writing
-Fixed invalid support email problem during relinking
-Added security warning screen to make it more obvious what's going wrong
-Fixed relink error b/c of file name length

Version 3
-Excluded frmManager bug from crash reports
-Better error handling during desktop shortcut creation
-Fixed CSEC .accdb issues

Missing changelog btwn 2.5.6 and 3

Version 2.5.6
Release date *6/3/09*
-Modified ini settings to put quotes arround the paths

Version 2.5.9 - 2.6
Release date *5/28/09*
-Modified tree view to include archives for easier access
-Added special audit function to flexible routing matrix
-Adjusted aesthetics of the main form

Release date *5/19/09*
-Changed "SCHEDULED QAR FOLLOW-UPS" to read "Scheduled QA Follow-Throughs" to reduce ambiguity

Version 2.5.8
Release date *5/18/09*
-Fixed a bug that allowed blank stops to be added to a flex program routing matrix.

Version 2.5.7
Release date *4/1/09*
-Fixed a bug that caused invalid use of null if no email address was entered for a stop during flex routing
-Added Special Audit functionality
-Added facility for the following program areas:
-1500 Plane Captain
-1600 Egress System
-2900 Maintenance Controll
-3400 Phase Maintenance
-3900 VATS
-4000 Taxi/Turnup
-4600 Compass Call
-3100 Weight and Balance
-5400 SE Missuse and Abuse
-4700 Laser Safety

Version 2.5.6
Release Date *3/26/09*
-Modified delete matrix form to sort stops properly
-Added copy stops when copying matrix
-Modified import routine to move to routing screen after import

Version 2.5.5
Release Date *3/25/09*
-Fixed a bug that caused invalid use of null if flex audit title was blank

Version 2.5.4
Release Date *11/24/08*
-Fixed a bug that was causing CTPL program audits to import improperly
-Experimental bug fix causing work center audits with CTPL hits to import as seperate audits.

Version 2.5.3
Release Date *10/28/08*
-Fixed a bug that was causing a no current record error during signonff

Version 2.5.2
Release Date *10/22/08*
-Fixed the screen resolution to account for NMCI green bars
-Added GTETS (5900) program to the routing function
-Fixed a bug that caused cover sheets to fail printing
-Fixed a bug that caused program audits to duplicate routing info
-Added info to crash report data for better diagnostics

Version 2.5.1
Release Date *10/6/08*
-Fixed a bug that was causing invalid use of null when signing an audit after visiting the archives.

Version 2.5
Release Date *9/4/08*
-Added bulk signoff capability for Maint. Officer
-Fixed a bug preventing signature security from working

Version 2.4.1
Release Date *8/18/08*
-Added several analysis reports to the reports menu

Version 2.4
Release Date *8/12/08*
-Fixed broken email reminder function
-Added Globals to error report
-Removed reference to frmEMAIL
-Solved random crash when audit is being signed
-Added a report to show audits currently in route

Version 2.3.9
-LDO Error fixed

Version 2.3.8
-Fixed small reject dialog
-Allowed option to share from network vice local install
-Added fwd/next buttons to archive

Version 2.3.7
Release Date *5/18/08*
-Modified audit import screen to show already imported audits and allow
modification of acn or import/already imported flag
-Fixed a bug that caused a crash when sending an email without an attachment

Version 2.3.6
Release Date *5/17/08*
-Fixed bug that confused current audit with open archive audit comments
-Modified startup routine to force relinking of data tables if opened from
network share

Version 2.3.5
Release Date *5/17/2008*

-Modified archives to allow view of current audit and archived audit simultaneously
-Fixed a bug that mislabeld assisting qar as supervisor on printed audits

Version 2.3.4
Release Date *4/17/08*

-Found and repaired the bug that was causing frmMANAGER to not be available
-Changed install location to C:\AuditTrail to accomodate XP users.

Version 2.3.3
Releaase Date *4/16/08*

-Fixed bug causing anyone to be able to bypass starting from desktop
-Added EXTENSIVE post mortem debug code and modifed crash report to include dump
-Fixed a typo that prevent installation

Version 2.3.2
-Modified the Scheduled QAR follow up inbox to put reminder button inline
-Changed the descrepancy block to enabled/locked to enable scroll bars.

Version 2.3.1
-Added cover sheet button to front page
-Fixed a bug that caused email notification to go to the wrong address

Version 2.3
-Fixed a bug that caused CTPL Program audits to show as quarterly
-Added an NMCI dialog in archives to show who signed the audit
-Persisted the inbox tree between sessions
-Added punt option to allow rejected audits to be routed back to rejecting stop vice coc
-Added CC to email chain of command between signing stop and rejector on rejected audits

Version 2.2 sp2
Release Date *4/30/07*

-Added a reminder button to the front page
-Sorted Flex Combo Ascending
-Fixed a bug causing a cover sheet with no location to print error in header
-Fixed a bug that caused a no hit audit to print error
-Fixed a bug that caused the aging to be blank if on first stop
-Fixed a bug that caused routing matrix modification to corrupt the routing order

Version 2.2 sp1
Release Date *3/16/07*

-Fixed bug that prevented generation of admin account on installation
-Addressed issue with "component not found" on startup
-Fixed bug that caused crash after clicking the Current Location or Age column header

Version 2.2.
Release Date 3/12/07
-Fixed a bug that caused the home form filtering to reset instead of returing to QA Follow Ups
-Audited source code adding comments and removing deprecated routines
-Modified error reporting to give more detailed information.
-Fixed the Refresh button so it will requery the front page.
-Fixed flicker when screen changes
-Added statistics to front page
-Created ini file to store settings making app more portable
-Modified printed reports to reflect locale
-Removed broken "Print" function from file menu
-Merged Audit Prep with Audit Trail elimintating the need for an external app to import audits
-Added option to search for "lost" audits in the options dialog
-Added option to remove stale logins from the options dialog
-Fixed a bug that allowed more than one stop to be selected as QA Follow up
-Fixed a bug that caused stop reports to fail
-Fixed a bug that caused routing matrices to skip validation when editing multiple matrices
-Fixed a bug that caused deleting matrixes to not work correctly
-Sorted matrix names alphabetically in delete matrix dialog
-Fixed a bug that caused hits to duplicate if prep'd, cancelled, edited in csec and re-prep'd
-Created install routines for new sites

-Removed frmCURRENT_USER and refactored using global variables instead.
-Global variables now load only once saving processing time for lookup of options/username/permissions etc
-Removed dlookup in as many locations as possible
-Removed comments option. Now comments are always required

Version 2.1.7
Release Date 12/1/2006
-Fixed bug that caused crash report if AuditTrail was closed with an audit open
-Fixed two bugs that caused AuditPrep to link to CSEC and AuditPrep incorrectly

Version 2.1.6
Release Date 11/14/06
-Fixed bug that prevented first time installation
-Fixed bug that caused gray screen after signing a QA Follow Through
-Fixed bug that caused email notification title to occasionally show wrong title
-Fixed bug that caused multiple comment entries for QA Follow Through
-Fixed bug that caused pulling wrong title for email notification
-Removed references to NMCI invalid code and digitally signed database
-Modified audit to show locale based on ini instead of CSEC
-Fixed printed audits to show correct headers (wc vs program)
-Fixed bug causing treeview to select wrong box upon returning from open audit
-Fixed bug causing CNUM comments to duplicate when audit is re-routed
-Added print single hit to QA Follow Through screen

Version 2.1.5
Release Date 11/8/2006
-Fixed major bug that caused tables to relink incorrectly
-Fixed bug causing Coversheet Comments to crash
-Fixed bug that caused adding new stops to a matrix to appear out of order
-Added cancel button to Modify Matrix form
-Modified install routine to create network icon

Version 2.1.4
Release Date: 11/8/2006
-Removed stop column on opening screen
-Added Work Center column to jump combo in open audit
-Moved path settings to ini file for easy deployment/installation/updating
-Fixed a bug that caused program audit routing stops to be out of order
-Added level column to Modify Stops as it should have been the whole time
-Added QAR assigned function to QA Follow ups
-Modified Date Picker to allow for entry of assigned qar
-Modified QA FT form to allow for entry of assigned qar
-Modified Opening screen to show assigned qar
-Modified startup scripts to allow for relinking based on ini file
-Refactored startup routine to allow for easier code management
-Removed developer nag screen
-Moved email settings to ini file

Version 2.1.3
Release Date:11/3/2006
- Fixed bug that caused crash if QA follow up opened before any audit
- Fixed bug that causes program audits to dissappear during routing
- Fixed bug that caused crash if audit was unrouted via rejection
- Fixed bug that prevented cancelling of routing program audits
- Fixed bug that caused modify matrix to foul up the matrix
- Fixed bug that caused rejected audits to not show gray

Version 2.1.2
Release Date: 10/30/2006
-Fixed a bug that caused some machines to lose tool bars and tree view control
-Resized main form to show properly

Version 2.1.1
Release Date: 10/26/2006

-Shortened question block to fix small font readability
-Sorted QA Follow Up list by due date
-Removed CDO block from open audit screen
-Added change log to update and help | about
-Changed opening form to keep drilled down to last location upon return
-Moved 040 WCS to the QA section in the tree

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