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Sometimes Bluejacket Software Support will need to dig into the cause of your issue.  This is especially important in the event of a Not Responding message that lasts more than 15 minutes.  Here's how to send the required debug information to Support.

Step-by-step guide

Please generate an email to with a subject of AuditTrail Not Responding and attach the mortem.dmp file.  Here's how to find the file.

  1. Open file explorer
  2. In the address bar at the top, type '%AppData%" (without quotes) and press enter
  3. Open the AuditTrail folder
  4. Find and attach the file called mortem.dmp to the email

That file contains a step by step record if your hung session and will allow the developers to fully understand what exactly was happening at the time of the hang.  

PLEASE NOTE:  You must follow this procedure BEFORE restarting AuditTrail again, as restarting clears that file and starts a new one.