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In some cases it may be desirable to apply security measures to the AuditTrail folder on the share drive.  This must be done with caution as any mistakes could leave the system in an unstable or inoperative state.  This article describes the best way to secure AuditTrail.

Step-by-step guide

Give access to a specific group of people

  1. Have your IT department create a special Group that only contains members who need access to AuditTrail
  2. Have them remove all groups from the share drive AuditTrail folder and add the new group
  3. Ensure that the new group has MODIFY permissions on the AuditTrail folder and all child objects

Secure individual files inside AuditTrail

  1. Right click the Installer.hta file located in the AuditTrail folder
  2. On the Security tab, select the new group and remove all permissions except:
    1. Read
    2. Read & Execute
  3. Navigate to the AuditTrail/App/fe folder and repeat step 2 on the changelog.txt (execute permission is not needed)
  4. Navigate to the AuditTrail/App folder and HIDE the data folder - do not change it's permissions
    1. Right-click on the data folder and select Properties
    2. On the General tab, place a check mark on Hidden and click okay.

Doing anything more to secure AuditTrail is not advised as it can lead to undesired behavior and/or failures.