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QA Follow Throughs are a special feature that allows an audit to continue through the chain of command without stalling while waiting for some external action.

For example, suppose a training audit discovered that a member doesn't have OJT signed off in the allotted time.  Rather than stopping the audit from progressing through the chain, a QA Follow Through can be scheduled to prompt a QAR to return to that training jacket and verify the discrepancy was corrected IAW established procedures.

To schedule a QA Follow Through, from the Open Audit menu click QA Follow Through:

This will open a scheduler dialog where a date can be selected and a QAR assigned.

To view pending QA Follow Throughs, from the INBOXES Screen, select the QA Follow Through node in the tree view (1)

Clicking the Go button (2) will take the QAR directly to the hit that needs to be followed up on.  On the other hand, clicking (3) will send a reminder email to the assigned QAR.