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The Open Audit Screen


  1. Audit# or ACN
  2. Work center Audited
  3. Hit# or HCN of
  4. Total Hits
  5. Jump to a specific HCN
  6. Print the complete Audit
  7. Audit Date
  8. QAR that performed the audit
  9. WC Supervisor if applicable
  10. Auditee if applicable
  11. Stop number the audit is currently at
  12. Stop role needing to attend to this audit
  13. Grade: one of
  14. CSEC Question Number
  15. CSEC Question (no question in this example - overview)
  16. Discrepancy (or in this case, overview)
  17. Corrective action
  18. QA Follow Up comments
  19. Comments from anyone in the routing matrix FOR THIS HIT ONLY
  20. Attachments
  21. Open Archives
  22. Print the entire audit including attachments
  23. View and / or print the coversheet with all the comments FOR THE AUDIT AS A WHOLE.  This is also where comments are entered for the entire audit.
  24. Add a comment for THIS HIT ONLY
  25. Schedule a QA Follow Through
  26. Go directly to the first hit in this audit
  27. Go to the previous hit in this audit
  28. Go to the next hit in this audit
  29. Go directly to the last hit in this audit
  30. Spell Check
  31. Sign the Audit (see Notes About Audit Signatures
  32. Reject the audit to a previous stop
  33. Close the audit and go back to the INBOXES screen