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Audit Signature Validation

AuditTrail allows for a user to sign an Audit using a Printable Format such as:

AT1(AW )Scott A. Reeves

This allows printed audits to look professional.  However, by default, AuditTrail does perform some validation on the signature in an attempt to prevent any user from signing any stop on an audit.  If Signature Validation is enabled, the following rules apply:

  1. AuditTrail will compare the LAST part of the user's login (typically the user's last name) against the signature.  For NMCI and CANES networks, the user's login is the part of the email address that precedes the @ symbol.  For example, if I were logged into AuditTrail, my username would be scott.reeves since I'm logged into my computer as  
  2. The LAST part of the printable signature must match the last part of the username that's logged into the computer.  So for example, any of the following would be valid for me:
    1. reeves
    2. AuditTrail Support Reeves
    3. Bluejacket Support Reeves
    4. AT1(AW) Scott A. Reeves

Your AuditTrail admin can turn this feature off using the Options Dialog

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