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Routing, by nature, is not error proof.  AuditTrail constantly monitors itself to detect any Audits that have by some error, invalid routing.  Here's how to resolve it.

The first thing to note is that Administrators will be presented with Lost Audits as their selected inbox in the event that AuditTrail detects invalid routing data.  While not 'lost', the routing data must be corrected before the Audit can continue through the chain of command.

Sometimes simply clicking the Fix button next to a failed route will resolve the problem.  Other times, manual intervention is necessary.  Should clicking the Fix button fail to resolve the issue, check the following:

BE SURE that the Routing Matrix Requirements have been followed precisely.

Failing that, there is a known issue that will be resolved in the next release:

AUD-19 - Getting issue details... STATUS

To work around this issue, please call support: 480-427-0391