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AuditTrail connects directly to your CSEC file and pulls hits and questions directly.

From the Inboxes Screen: Tools menu, Import Audits:

This will open the Select Audits for Import screen.  Clicking the Update From CSEC button will allow you to browse to your CSEC database and connect.  It will then extract all the audits, their questions, and their hits and list them:

  1. Update from CSEC
    1. Clicking this button will allow you to (re)connect to your csec database, discover and import audits along with their questions.
  2. Toggle this filter button to filter (filtered by default) any already imported audits.
  3. Place checks in the IMPORT column for every audit you wish to import and route
  4. Placing a check in the ALREADY IMPORTED box will inform AuditTrail that the given audit has already been routed and to exclude it using the filter (item #2)
  5. Clicking the Import Selected Audit button will finalize the import process and mark the selected audits as having been imported.  
  6. After import, click the close button where you'll then be moved to the Unrouted Audits Screen:

Clicking the

  1. Remove button will de-stage the audit and remove it completely from AuditTrail.  It will also remove the already imported flag set in step 5 above.  Next time audits are imported, the audit will again be listed.
  2. Route button will allow you to select a pre-defined routing matrix and route the audit.  NOTE:  The routing matrix must exist before this step. See Build Matrix for details.