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AuditTrail requires it's files and folders to have MODIFY permissions for everyone that will use it.  In some cases permissions can get set wrong which will cause issues.  This article describes how to check and set the correct permissions.

Step-by-step guide

  1. Open File Explorer and navigate to your AuditTrail folder on the share drive
  2. Right click on the AuditTrail folder and select Properties
  3. On the Security tab click on the Everyone Group
    1. Note: in some cases Everyone may not be listed.  In that case, find the All-Hands group or similar
  4. In the Permissions window, verify that AT LEAST Modify is checked.  If it's not, you'll need to get with your IT shop and have them fix it.
  5. Click the Advanced button
  6. Place a check mark in the Replace all child object permission entries...
  7. Click Okay and then Okay again.

If you are unable to modify permissions correctly please have your IT department do it for you.

Secure AuditTrail on Share Drive