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On occasion, you may get to this screen:

and in spite of clicking the Enable Content button as indicated, nothing happens.  This happens because the AuditTrail frontend that you are trying to use has gotten corrupted.

The solution is to replace it with a known good copy.  You have several options:

Reinstall from your share drive

  1. Find the folder on your Share drive: AuditTrail/App/fe
  2. Double-click the file ATFE2.accdb
  3. Enable Content
  4. Follow the prompts to reinstall on your workstation.

Failing that, locate a known good copy either from a working computer or from the web (follow this link).

NOTE: It is best to get the UPGRADE file so you don't inadvertently overwrite your data with a blank database from the full version.

Fix your share drive copy

Once you have identified a known good copy, follow these steps:

  1. Copy the file ATFE2.accdb from a known good copy 
  2. Browse to your Share drive and find the folder AuditTrail/App/fe and paste it there.
  3. Select Copy and Replace when prompted
  4. Start AuditTrail from the share by double-clicking that same file
  5. When prompted, reinstall your local copy by following the prompts

Should this procedure fail, please call support - 480 427 0391

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