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metimes support will need to bring the database down for maintenance.  This procedure will kick everyone except Administrators out of AuditTrail.

Step-by-step guide

  1. As an Administrator, open the Tools | Options dialog
  2. Enter an Estimated Return Time in the ERT box
  3. Click the Database Down for Maintenance button


    It can be difficult to know if the Down For Maintenance button is depressed or not.  If it's a gray color, the system is NOT down.  If it's a blue-ish color, then it IS down.  Clicking the button will toggle it up and down.

  4. This procedure only removes normal users - Look in the Currently Logged In users and ask the rest to log out.
  5. Reverse this procedure to bring the database back online

Note: The Database Down for Maintenance button is a toggle button and turns a light blue color when the system is down.  Clicking it again will turn it gray allowing users to log back in.