Innovative solutions targeted at AIRSpeed goals.

Award Winning Solutions*

We build line of business apps tailored to your business processes specifically designed to maximize AIRSpeed savings.

* AMI Team awarded using AuditTrail 'Best Practice Award' during first annual AMI inspection 

"We put Control back into DMAIC" 


Eliminate the waste associated with manual CSEC Audit routing. Since 2006, AuditTrail has fully automated the entire import, route, archive, and report lifecycle.


We've heard you! We're now expanding the electronic correspondence routing features from AuditTrail - soon ANY routing tasks will be automated. 

No more FOLDERS!

NON-STOP Innovation 

We're constantly on the lookout for ways to leverage emerging technologies. We're taking AuditTrail and Courier and finally bringing them into the 21st century.



We're focused on YOUR savings

Combining Blackbelt qualifications with innovative Software Engineering, our very FIRST project netted of over $19 Million in annual savings and we've never slowed down!


Audit tracking - EVOLVED 

It's time to do away with tracking down CSEC audits every day. Using the software you already have on your computer - Microsoft Access and Outlook finally integrated to make CSEC compliance a mouse-click away.


The highly touted routing engine inside AuditTrail is growing up! Soon ANY documents can will be routed and tracked - ELECTRONICALLY!

We can do the same for you!

The sky is the limit. If your CPI team needs a way to reliably control their new processes, let us show you how our time saving software build process can ensure full accountability.

We'll save you money - or it's free!

It would be of no value to invest the time and energy required for you to improve your processes if only to find out the tools needed to do the job consume any savings you thought you were going to achieve. We believe that we can build the software tools you need and replicate your process design across the entire Department of Defense.

Custom software is expensive - to be sure, but spreading the investment in effective tools, combined with your CPI techniques across the entire DoD amortizes those costs over a much bigger audience!