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Grounded in Lean/Six Sigma, our soltuions eliminate WASTE and maximize INSIGHT

Our developers are aware of the 8 forms of waste and how to leverage DMAIC to eliminate variation

US Navy and USMC CSEC Routing

Leverage [AuditTrail] to route CSEC checklists electronically

Custom Data Solutions

We can take your existing data and make it work for you

Awesome Technology

We can leverage Cloud or On Premesis technologies

Super Flexible

From the ground up, with many advanced features, our solutions are tailored to your needs

Your Data - Unchained

No longer are you a slave to your DATABASES. SANDIGITAL empowers you to create a single unifying system from many disparate data stores. Create anything from a custom user interface for existing systems, to a single pane of glass dashboard, increasing Business Intelligence or anything you can dream up!

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Your Data, Your Way

Custom code? No problem!

Smart KPI's Boost Productivity

Data Transformed into Information

Cloud Solutions or On-Premesis

We Can Connect All Your Apps

Build a Single Pane of Glass

Reports At Your Fingertips


Leverage Open Source to Cut Costs

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